I'm Kristen!

Raised by a pack of Smiths and tamed by a blue and gold macaw, I was born in a hospital, had a few birthdays, and then grew up. I went to college, and learned a bunch of things about stuff, and thats how I got to where I am. ;)

Realistically, my college days were filled with the dark room, processing 4x5 negatives, and learning about the enchanting world of Photoshop. Although my equipment may have changed over the years, the technique has stayed the same. I enjoy to gather and hunt light, both natural and artificial, and moments that are candid, this is where you come in! Each new experience ensures my need to constantly evolve my vision, and to never forget the importance of carrying my camera with compassion, curiosity, and most importantly, a sense of humor!

California State University,
Sacramento | BA Photography | 2010

Licensed & Insured in the state of California

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Folsom, California

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